Your task is to monitor the entire production process of your machine group. You manage the machinists of your machine group, and you are accountable to your supervisor. You ensure optimal targets and the right quality of the final product.

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Hello operator!

Looije Group operates in the AGF sector with various locations in South Holland. We are the total specialist in packing and repacking (exotic) fruit and vegetables. This includes (sustainable) packaging in Topseal packaging, washing fruit and vegetables that have just travelled 5,000 km in a ship from South Africa, among others, and the innovative 'laser branding' we apply to Avocados, among other things.

Within Looije Group there is a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can be themselves. On Friday afternoons we regularly have drinks at the head office in Maasdijk. The location where you will also be based when you come to do an internship with us. We also have a very active staff association called "Het Groene Legioen", which organises an event at least four times a year.

We are looking for an operator ready to take the lead in monitoring quality, efficiency and safety within our machine group. As an operator, you will be responsible for coordinating and managing your team to achieve and maintain the highest standards. With your leadership and expertise, you will ensure that every part of the production process runs smoothly, from bringing in work orders to delivering the finished product to the customer.

Duties and responsibilities:


  • You collect the werkbonnen including stickers/labels from the warehouse office, check them and hand them out to your machinist with instructions
  • You check randomly whether your operators use the right products, labels and boxes
  • You regularly check whether the quality of the end product corresponds to the requirements of the customer (in collaboration with the QC employees)
  • You check whether the werkbonnen are correctly completed by your machinists, including start-up check, weight check and the targets
  • Every werkbon is checked and signed by you after production and returned to the warehouse office
  • For small orders, you instruct your operators so that they pay attention to achieving the targets


  • Make sure your machinists use the correct program on the machine, change the parameters if necessary
  • You ensure that machinists do not change the program of the machine themselves
  • Controleer regelmatig of de machines op de optimale snelheid draaien/targets halen
  • In the event of a malfunction/defect of a machine, this will be reported to you by the machinist, you report the malfunction/defect to the Technical Service and monitor the progress of follow-up
  • You ensure that after the last order on a machine (in your shift), the machine is always cleaned by the machinist and his team (daily cleaning)
    1. Empty machine (there can be no fruit remaining in the machine)
    2. Clean up all packaging materials, bring to VAS by the EPT driver
    3. Clean machine according to instructions
    4. Cleaning around the machine
    5. Bring the cleaning equipment back to the permanent storage place
    6. Empty small gray waste bins into the large gray bins, bring the large gray bins back to VAS 3.


  • You are responsible for directing/managing the EPT drivers, scanners and machinists of your department.
  • Monitor the productivity of your machinists and their teams
  • Instruct and train your machinists so that they can independently manage their machine and team.
  • If a machinists wants to exchange/send employees away, this is only allowed with your permission
  • Monitor break times/cleaning time of your department.

Order and neatness

  • All employees in your department must wear:
    1. Company clothing PLV (Dust coat)
    2. Work Shoes (Steel Shoe)
    3. Czepek na wล‚osy / brode na uszach.
    4. No jewelry, watches, piercings (piercings may be taped with band aids)
    5. Use blue band-aids for small wounds
  • Let op dat er niet gegeten wordt in de VAS ruimtes (ook geen kauwgum)
  • Zorg dat alle werkplekken van jouw afdeling schoon en opgeruimd zijn en blijven


  • Forklifts and EPT trucks only drive backwards and stand still when your employees are moving to the walkway (breaks, end of shift or cleaning)
  • Employees are not allowed to ride along on EPT trucks, or use EPT trucks as stepping stones
  • In the event of an emergency, you immediately inform the supervisor and ensure that your department is evacuated if necessary.
  • In case of fire, always press the fire detector glass

What do we require?

  • Experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably as an operator.
  • Leadership skills and ability to manage and motivate teams.
  • Eye for detail and quality, with a focus on process improvement.
  • Good communication skills and stress resistance.

What does it get you?

  • A challenging position within a dynamic organisation.
  • Opportunities for personal development and training.
  • Competitive salary and additional benefits.

Does this sound like your next career move? Then apply now, using the application form below become part of our team as an operator!

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